The Company is doing business according to market conditions and it achieves profit by doing activities for which it was founded, which all means it is self-financed.
PUC Suboticagas is an energy subject which owns a license for distribution of natural gas issued by AERS on the 16th February 2007, reference no. 311.01-257/2006-Л-I.

PUC Suboticagas owns standard MRS stations, types G-4 and G-6, which are called KMRS, separately for individual objects, and separately for buildings with flats. All larger MRS stations are built according to project documentation and current law regulations. Recommendation for the MRS is the installation of correctors, for the precise measurement of natural gas consumption. Complete network has a total of 330 fire faucets, as well as 110 section faucets, with which it is possible to section off the network in case of a system malfunction. The mentioned gas distribution network makes a unique whole.
Considering the working pressure of the gas distribution network which is less that 6 bars, the buyers of natural gas are in Category 1, Household group and Other buyers group.
At the end of 2008, the total length of the natural gas distribution network was 560 km with 8011 consumers of both groups.