Distribution of natural gas on the territory of the Municipality Subotica has begun in 1990, within the Public Company Subotička Toplana. Within that company, a network for gas distribution in local communities was developed, measuring a total length of 500 km. By issuing a new Energy Law, distribution of natural gas needed to be separated as a company. On the 2nd December 2005, the Municipal Assembly of Subotica has issued a decision about the changes in the Public company Subotička Toplana, which involved separation of its parts which deal in distribution of natural gas. Public Utility Company Suboticagas was founded on the 28th December 2005. Since then that company is a independent public utility company and its main business is:

  • Distribution of all kinds of gas fuels through the pipe system,
  • Rough construction works and specific construction of civil engineering works,
  • Pipe installation works,
  • Engineering and etc.